Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite has just been released! 

Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite lets staff (and optionally students) capture their webcam, voice, and screen easily from within Moodle.
CaptureSpace Lite is free for Kaltura customers (yay, thanks Kaltura!) and integrates with MediaSpace and the Kaltura Application Framework (KAF), which provides the media handling functionality in Moodle.

Kaltura are  hosting three webinars over the next two months to familiarise customers with this new capture functionality, so do sign up to one of these:
• Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Admin Training Webinar - January 15, 2012
• Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite End-User Training #1 - February 4, 2015
• Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite End-User Training #2 - February 25, 2015

I'll be making this available on http://moodle-rc.nottingham.ac.uk for University of Nottingham people to try in the next week so watch this space! Please email Learning Technologies if you'd like access in a test environment.
If you can't wait to see it, here are links to documentation and video help.

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