Friday, 30 October 2015

Clipper: Enhancing Time Based Media for Research

I was alerted to the Clipper project by my colleague Christine Gratton who recently attended a JISC workshop on the subject. Clipper is described as 'an easy to use toolset to enhance and extend the use of online time-based media by researchers and create new opportunities for data use, reuse and collaboration in a wide range of research scenarios'. It also looks very useful indeed for teaching. Clipper aims to make it as easy for researchers to find, cite, quote and share online time-based media, as it is to use text-based data. It uses the concept of creating, organising and annotating 'virtual clips' from online media services like YouTube. I've registered to try out the demo site and so far it is pretty impressive though you need to remember that it is still a prototype so not all features work yet and there are still some bugs. There is a workshop about the Clipper project in Coventry on Friday 20th November 2015 if you want to know more.