Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Office365 - Is Office365 video ready?

I was sent this rather cool graphic of all the Office365 apps (no mention of classroom in there though?!)
What's in Office 365 infographic
Crafted by: Sharegate, The SIMPLEST Office 365 and SharePoint Security & Management tool suite.

The Office365 Video Portal is described as 'A place for the organization to store video content and automatically stream it on all devices and browsers. The Video Portal leverages Azure Media Services to do all the hard work for you, all you have to do is create channels and upload your videos. The mobile apps also allow you to record and send your videos directly to the right channel.'

However, one key use case for us is for anonymous viewers to be able to view the video. This feature is not currently available, but it is listed as a possible future feature in the Office365 video roadmap.
One workaround that has been suggested to me is to upload the video to a Sway presentation and then embed and share that.

I've tried this here:

hmmm - not really what I was after as the result is pretty messy.
However, since there are many requests for this feature on the Microsoft UserVoice site, I'm guessing that this feature will appear soon enough :)

I decided to have another go embedding a single video in Sway: